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Loxley Maynard provides fully independent advice to site providers looking to sell their mast.  Telecoms mast rents are reducing in the UK but there are still a number of specialist investors in the market. We always recommend that our clients take their masts to the whole of the market to achieve the best sale price possible. 

Let us take your telecoms mast to the market so that you get the best sale price and terms possible. 

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Who We Are

Loxley Maynard is a specialist property consultancy, providing advice to land and property owners regarding telecommunications masts and infrastructure on their premises.

It was founded to provide fully independent advice to land and property owners in an ever changing and often challenging UK telecoms market with client care being the cornerstone of our values. 

We are a Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors regulated firm and our 'RICS' qualified surveyors have over a decade of experience in the UK telecoms real estate market.  Wherever you are in the UK, Loxley Maynard is best placed to assist you with the telecommunications infrastructure on your land or properties. 


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