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Telecoms lease renewal


We provide expert valuation advice so you can get the best deal possible. 

Telecoms agreements are complicated and not easy to negotiate.  At Loxley Maynard our qualified surveyors will professionally value your mast and negotiate the best terms possible on your behalf. 

Following a change to legislation in late 2017, the UK telecoms mast market has seen rents reduce. The mobile telecoms companies will naturally seek to reduce their rent as low as possible. Using one of Loxley Maynard's qualified surveyors can result in you retaining more of your rent with better overall terms. 

Site Visit

We will inspect your mast, note the current generation of the apparatus installed and accurately measure the operator's compound, noting the route of access they take and how it affects you. 


We will research the local market for data. Review all of your legal documents and the current terms of your lease and compare these to the terms offered by the operator for the new lease. 

Clear Advice

We will provide clear expert advice regarding the renewal of your lease so that you achieve the best terms possible to suit you and your property.


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